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    On Hexagonal architecture : Why? (Part 1)

    Some interfaces provide many options and empower users immensely, but suffer in user experience. How might we find the balance between power and usability?

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    On Hexagonal architecture : Common mistakes (Part 2)

    As the second entry in this blog series, this blog post jumps straight into issues and challenges encountered in the developer experience.

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    On curiosity and discovery

    In this blog post, I talk about my experience exploring GitHub and RxGo, and a walkthrough to my learning perspective driven from a position of curiosity. This blog post is intended for curious developers who might want to contribute to open source but are hesitant or intimidated by other skilled developers. Hopefully by the end…

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    Numeracy: How to quiet your fears using probabilities

    I think that story telling is an excellent way to introduce mathematical concepts applied in real life scenarios. I think that it is an effective way to draw people’s attention (kids and adults alike!) and to help people move from concrete ideas (stories) to abstract ideas (theories, formulas). Ultimately, I think mathematics is a super…

  • Climbing Celeste

    A few months back, I wrote about one of the mental models I use called The Mountain. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you check it out first! It sets up the following article as an application of that mental model, while the original article sets up the concept and the theory.…

  • RapidPass: 8 unusual lessons for building in open-source against Covid-19

    The pandemic completely disrupted the Philippines in March 2020, as the lockdowns began and people frightened in their homes worried about their family, their food, and their safety. Despite all of this uncertainty, I found myself tagging along with a ragtag band of geeks making our fight against Covid-19. The succeeding three months became the…

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    Entropy (Information Theory)

    Initially written as a Tweet, but to-be-expounded on this blog post. When the data source produces a low-probability value (i.e., when a low-probability event occurs), the event carries more “information” than when the data source produces a high-probability value. Wiki on Entropy. Information Theory by Claude Shannon. In the context of relationships This translates to…