• woman and man sitting on brown wooden bench

    How to build trust in honest communications

    Today, in Tech4Humans, we talked a lot about communication, conversations, honesty, and truth. I believe these are central topics that enable humans to collaborate with each other, thus giving clarity in the directions that technology enables us to accelerate towards. Today I talk about the highlights of my reflections from this evening’s discussion. Conversational implicature…

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    6 simple keywords on how to showcase developer work

    Hi, my name is Darren. I’m a software architect and tech consultant, and today we’ll talk about how developers can showcase their work. I have six keywords that outline what I want to share with you today: How do we “Showcase our work”? 1. Content You’ve heard this time and time again. This is your…

  • black cassette tape on top of red and yellow surface

    I don’t want to make a goddamn song today

    One of my favorite musical artists is Marc Rebillet. He makes songs using his voice, his organ, a loop mixer, and just simply creates. Watch along with me in awe as he brings into reality his love for his craft, his passion and life, and simply creates. Marc is somebody I look up to because…

  • person about to catch four dices

    The past, the present, the future me

    Treating my past, present, and future selves as individuals that I interact with directly helps me optimize my life: increase happiness, reduce regrets, address laziness, and more. It is a mental model that teaches me how to be a good person- to myself. This generally guides my life. From this intra-personal omni-temporal relationship, I also…

  • serious young woman embracing sad black girlfriend

    Being human, wise, clever, and hardworking

    There were only a few hours left until the culminating tech presentation my team and I were preparing for. I find myself grinding out the last few bits of code hoping, praying that things will work- a situation no developer wants to be in. Murphy’s Law comes to mind. Why am in this situation? I…

  • forest bike bulls

    The broken bicycle

    The mental model of the broken bicycle is from a personal story of mine that identifies conditioning that was instilled while one was younger, triggering automatic responses that are fear-based rather than reason. Key ideas Be clear about what you have control of Assess emotions to determine what concerns it raises To achieve a more…

  • selective focus photo of plant spouts

    Growth: Anti-patterns and mindsets

    This blog post describes the different growth anti-patterns that I have observed that I have experienced and are sometimes predominant in a Filipino culture. It paints the world as it is, and how I would like it to be.