I don’t want to make a goddamn song today

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One of my favorite musical artists is Marc Rebillet. He makes songs using his voice, his organ, a loop mixer, and just simply creates. Watch along with me in awe as he brings into reality his love for his craft, his passion and life, and simply creates.

I don’t want to code some days too, Marc.
Marc Rebillet on his world tour in 2019, currently in Zurich.

Marc is somebody I look up to because in a small amount of time, he’s able to cram so much of himself living in the present: an actualization of his life and his values. I see in him a childlike curiosity, creativity , and joy when he makes music live.

This blog post studies the qualities of masters of their crafts. I note down my observations about Marc, who bring into creation his music, his emotion, and his life.

Who is Marc Rebillet?

I’m not some kind of expert on who Marc is. I stumbled upon him some time in 2018 with his hilarious improv music either alone in his room, or at public places like at a restaurant.

What drew me close to him initially was the outrageous humor and silliness of the lyrics that he spits out. The stunning thing that I remember about it was that although the lyrics were all comedic and goofy, his undoubtedly masterful grasp of music, melody, and overall production was off the charts.

I was struck with awe with his creation, live and in public.


The first video above was Marc in his hotel room while he was on tour in 2019. Visiting a lot of different countries, Marc was reaching exhaustion and tiredness from the amazing musical productions he creates live. The demand for his music was clear: his shows were selling out and he was growing in YouTube amazingly.

I shared his video on Zurich because it was one of the defining music videos that really labeled him as someone I look up to. He covered the following themes in a short span of time:

  • Anything in excess is dangerous, even if it is what you love to do.
  • Just because you have to do something doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to feel how you truly feel. I don’t want to make a god damn song today.
  • Health (physical, mental, emotional) is important and should not be neglected. I’m getting sick, tired, I’m getting stressed. Hey, yo this tour, it’s too much.
  • Speaking one’s truth is beautiful; even if it scary. Some people might be so afraid of losing their followers, or people who believe in them, but this crying out in tiredness is wrapped in being genuine. How am I supposed to go from one city to city, it’s the same shit every day?.
  • He is dedicated to bringing the best of himself to each and everyone who comes out to see him. Marc paints a picture to his followers what it really is like to go on tour and to put your best every day. I’m only six days in, and I feel like shit. Damn. There’s over 20 days remaining, how am I going to keep the energy up?
  • Despite him whining about his tiredness, he captures the essence of what drives him and he brings the truth into the light: It’s not about you. Get the fuck up! Keep breathing baby. It’s not about you, you selfish motherfucker. People want to see you and support you!
  • His character is wrapped in gratitude: You’re all the ones who make this worthwhile, you’re all the ones who make this shit happen. Damn, when I see you all in the crowd, makes me happy, makes me want to shout loud. It’s all because of you and that’s why I’m doing it.
  • He may be tired and failing, but he lives out and demonstrates what it means to reach out to your goals, and to desire to be consistent. He knows that he wants to be consistent. Don’t think I’m going to stop even if I don’t feel like “I don’t want to make a goddamn show”. Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter baby, I’ll get up and do it.

On my thoughts

I look up to Marc because he inspires me to have those qualities in my own passion of creation in software development.

I desire to be grateful, humble, conscious of my health (along with my teammates), I desire to be childlike, genuine, truthful, and to simply find the balance and satisfaction in doing what I love to do.

I too am planning to do things (code, discuss, play) more publicly, and hopefully slowly build a form of Media Leverage. I’ve begun streaming my coding sessions on my own Twitch.tv, where I publicly show how I go about my thought process when designing and writing software, best practices.

I also want to build the habit of writing the blog posts I want to write every now and then, at least more consistently than before. In any case, we just need to get the fuck up and keep breathing.

So how about you?

Do you feel like making a goddamn song today?

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