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Hello, My name is Darren.

I'm based in the Philippines.
I help my clients with discovery and design on their beloved app ideas, roadmap their MVPs, flesh out their system architecture, and enable their engineering teams.

If you are interested in tech consulting services, I would love to hear from you!

My Mental Models

Various strategies enable clarity and alignment through effective thinking. Success comes through leverage, consistency, and leadership.

open book on brown wooden desk near pile of papers

How to get started Doing A Shitty Job

Stop being a perfectionist. Just put in the work, and put yourself out there. Get feedback and evaluate yourself respectfully, truthfully, and briefly. Then, get...

Things I'm building

I’m really passionate about learning, technology, and games.

The Gaming Classroom

Learn with games, apply it in life. Win at both.
A video collection of competitive gamers, their strategies, and mindsets.

north america book and toke book

Mental models that dive deeper into the concepts you can watch from The Gaming Classroom.

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