Hi there.

I’m Darren. I listen to people figuring out their dreams, imagine realistic tech solutions, and bring them to life. Other times, I write about them.

This blog contains my journey or log as a software developer, having tidbits of information about my personal projects, my learning throughout weeks, and things that I have been busy with.

  • The past, the present, the future me
    Treating my past, present, and future selves as individuals that I interact with directly helps me optimize my life: increase happiness, reduce regrets, address laziness, and more. It is a mental model that teaches me how to be a good person- to myself. This generally guides my life. From this intra-personal omni-temporal relationship, I also… Read More »The past, the present, the future me
  • Being human, wise, clever, and hardworking
    There were only a few hours left until the culminating tech presentation my team and I were preparing for. I find myself grinding out the last few bits of code hoping, praying that things will work- a situation no developer wants to be in. Murphy’s Law comes to mind. Why am in this situation? I… Read More »Being human, wise, clever, and hardworking
  • VSCode Integrated Terminal fills with D^[[
    When you press ALT while your VSCode intergrated terminal is open, it sometimes fills the terminal with D^[[. Github user meganrogge notes that you can fix this by configuring a setting on VSCode. Specifically, you want to go to VSCode settings and uncheck/disable the Alt Click Moves Cursor setting. You can search altclickmoves and it… Read More »VSCode Integrated Terminal fills with D^[[
  • The broken bicycle
    The mental model of the broken bicycle is from a personal story of mine that identifies conditioning that was instilled while one was younger, triggering automatic responses that are fear-based rather than reason. Key ideas Be clear about what you have control of Assess emotions to determine what concerns it raises To achieve a more… Read More »The broken bicycle
  • Growth: Anti-patterns and mindsets
    This blog post describes the different growth anti-patterns that I have observed that I have experienced and are sometimes predominant in a Filipino culture. It paints the world as it is, and how I would like it to be.