One who wishes to care gently, to learn deeply, and to be peacefully.


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  • Mental Model: Direction Is Yours
    If you don’t choose a direction for yourself, someone else will pick it for you. Someone else will also tell you what is right and wrong. Someone else will tell you what is good and bad. And Someone else will tell you when you’re happy or not. “Would you tell me, please, which way I… Read More »Mental Model: Direction Is Yours
  • Mental Model: Wander, But Don’t Dawdle
    To wander is to live freely, in awe and gratitude of the moment. To dawdle is to spread yourself thin and miss out on what you actually want when it was actually within reach. Do pick up flowers, as you journey up the mountain. Do take your time to laugh, to giggle, to enjoy your… Read More »Mental Model: Wander, But Don’t Dawdle
  • Mental Model: Do a shitty job
    Stop being a perfectionist. Just put in the work, and put yourself out there. Get feedback and evaluate yourself respectfully, truthfully, and briefly. Then, get back to doing what you love to do. Making sure that everything is polished, correct, efficient, and pretty comes after.
  • Direction, Strategy, Tactics, and Execution
    Asking questions in the right order improves problem solving. Do we know what we want? How do we want to do it? What works for us? Are we doing things right? This is a long-form discussion of the following Tweet, which discusses my mental model on Direction, Strategy, Tactics, and Execution: This mental model (direction,… Read More »Direction, Strategy, Tactics, and Execution