Occular.co, a prominent fractional CFO business, operates an interactive blog on their WordPress site, engaging with an extensive community. The company also runs the Occular Institute, which serves as a hub for economic innovation and community engagement, and the Occular Community, which focuses on bringing culture, systems, and people back to their original design.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive website audit, Occular.co enlisted my consulting services to identify opportunities for improvement and implement effective solutions.


The initial audit of Occular.co’s WordPress site revealed critical areas needing attention. Key among these was the lack of regular backups, posing a significant risk to data integrity and site reliability. Additionally, the existing analytics setup was rudimentary, limiting insights into user behavior and engagement.

How we helped

To address these challenges, I introduced a robust backup system, ensuring data security and business continuity. Moreover, I implemented more granular analytics tracking using Google Analytics 4 (GA4), providing Occular.co with deeper, actionable insights into their audience’s interactions.

Beyond these immediate fixes, I recognized an opportunity to modernize Occular.co’s technology stack. Transitioning from WordPress to Ghost CMS, a modern, open-source platform, provided several advantages. Ghost CMS is optimized for performance and scalability, offering a streamlined content management experience.

Building on the success of the initial project, our collaboration with Occular.co is ongoing. We are now exploring innovative ways to enable stakeholder engagement in their mission through the Occular Institute. This initiative aims to provide entrepreneurs and investors with a clear lead page to capture their interest and involvement in the project. The goal is to create a seamless entry point for stakeholders, fostering a deeper connection with Occular.co’s vision and objectives.


  • This shift not only enhanced the site’s speed and user experience but also aligned with Occular.co’s goal of maintaining a cutting-edge digital presence.
  • The combined effect of these interventions was a significant reduction in Occular.co’s monthly operational costs related to their community website. By moving to Ghost CMS and optimizing the overall tech stack, I managed to reduce their monthly expenses translating to a 12.5% cost savings.


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