• How to enable DotA 2 coaches to earn without coaching

    I’m excited to share the areas where I am practicing my newly acquired project management skills. If this interests you a lot, you should definitely subscribe to the waitlist so we can keep you updated! First off, I want to further introduce myself more carefully so that you can understand my personal goals and direction.…

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    How to secure a WordPress site using WordFence and Cloudflare

    Recently, my primary blog, https://sapalo.dev had been attacked by malware. This blog post covers my discovery and investigation process using WordFence, and the actions taken to remediate and prevent future security vulnerabilities. The objective of this blog is to highlight the key skills that a software engineer needs, such as asking critical questions to analyze…

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    April 2023-W4 Progress Update

    Hello everyone! I’ve continuously been focusing on building out the Tome.gg platform! As a form of accountability to you guys, I’ve recently come up with these KPIs as my targets, which I am tracking using Appsmith, a no-code platform for internal tools! The most important KPI I am tracking right now is the total number…

  • remington standard typewriter in greyscale photography

    Google Chronicle Logstash parsing: How to test your UDM parsing code

    Google Chronicle is a cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) platform developed by Google. It is designed to help organizations detect and investigate security threats in real-time by collecting and analyzing large volumes of security telemetry data from various sources, such as network traffic, endpoints, and cloud services. Google Chronicle provides advanced threat detection…

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    6 simple keywords on how to showcase developer work

    Hi, my name is Darren. I’m a software architect and tech consultant, and today we’ll talk about how developers can showcase their work. I have six keywords that outline what I want to share with you today: How do we “Showcase our work”? 1. Content You’ve heard this time and time again. This is your…

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    How to automatically report SMS spam messages to NTC

    Using golang and Jotforms, I built an SMS spam reporting tool that directly reports to National Telecommunications Commission. Check it out!

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    How to make websocket requests from CLI

    We normally use cURL requests to easily encapsulate and share HTTP requests with teammates. To perform websocket requests from the CLI, we can make use of websocat, a CLI client for performing websocket requests. Creating a websocket subscription and sending payload Command line result Result of the command would look something like this: The full…