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Welcome to my tech consulting services! As a seasoned tech consultant, I offer a range of services designed to help businesses leverage technology to achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to develop a long-term technology strategy, optimize your use of technology, or develop high-quality software applications, I have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

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Below, you’ll find a detailed description of the services I offer.

Tech Consulting

As a tech consultant, I provide guidance to businesses on how to leverage technology to achieve their goals. This can include everything from advising on software selection to designing technology solutions that align with business objectives. My goal is to help clients optimize their use of technology to achieve better results.

Tech Strategy Consulting

I work with businesses to develop long-term technology strategies that support their overall business objectives. This includes assessing current technology infrastructure and identifying opportunities for improvement. By developing a comprehensive strategy, businesses can ensure that their technology investments are aligned with their overall goals.

Code Review

I provide a thorough and objective review of code to identify potential issues and areas for improvement. This helps clients improve the quality of their software, reduce errors and improve performance. I provide detailed feedback and recommendations for improvement to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Database Design

I design and develop databases that are optimized for speed, reliability, and scalability. This includes analyzing data requirements, creating data models, and developing optimized database structures. By ensuring that databases are designed with performance in mind, clients can achieve faster data processing times and improved application performance.

Pitch deck Design

I help businesses create compelling pitch decks that effectively communicate their vision and value proposition. This includes designing and creating high-quality graphics and visuals that help bring their ideas to life. By crafting a compelling pitch deck, businesses can increase their chances of securing funding and partnerships.

Project Proposal Reviews

I review project proposals to identify areas for improvement and provide detailed feedback on how to enhance proposals. This helps clients create more compelling proposals that are more likely to secure funding or approval.

Requirements Specifications

I work with clients to develop detailed requirements specifications that outline the goals, objectives, and technical requirements of a project. This helps ensure that all stakeholders are aligned on project requirements, which can lead to more successful project outcomes.

Project Management

I help clients manage technology projects from start to finish, including project planning, execution, and monitoring. By providing oversight and guidance, I help ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards.

Dev Ops (CI/CD)

I help clients implement DevOps practices that improve the speed and quality of software development. This includes implementing Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines that automate the testing and deployment of software changes.

Software Training

I provide software training to businesses to help their employees gain the skills and knowledge they need to effectively use software applications. This includes developing training materials and delivering training sessions that are tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Unit and integration testing

I help clients ensure that their software applications are free of bugs and other errors by developing and executing comprehensive unit and integration tests. This helps improve the quality of the software and reduce the risk of errors and downtime.

Pair programming

I work with clients to provide collaborative coding sessions where I work closely with their development team to help them improve their coding skills and achieve better outcomes. This can help clients improve their software development processes and outcomes.

General software development

I develop high-quality software applications that are optimized for speed, reliability, and scalability. This includes designing and developing software solutions that meet the specific needs of the client and their users. By leveraging the latest technologies and development practices, I help clients achieve better outcomes and improve their bottom line.

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